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Unfinished Business

Unfinished Business

Collaboration with the Vienna based artist Jana Kolbert

| installation, stoneware
| 2018
| photo by Mani Froh

UNFINISHED BUSINESS is an artistic concept that gives the accumulation of dismissed ideas, projects, relationships and plans of our generation the form of towels - proverbially throwing the towel. As ceramic objects they are visualised, sculptured and thematised again. With our ever accelerating lives the decision process that determines whether a project will be given up on or completed has strongly changed. The amount of options to choose from can be perceived as overwhelming. The result is a great number of incomplete things around us that our generation is not able to see because there is no physical proof of their existence anymore. In order to give shape to the unfinished and make it touchable again we chose to make objects from stoneware. Stoneware made it possible to freeze the gesture of throwing the towel. The display of ceramic towels within a concealed room intends to conceptualise the multiplicity of dismissed projects and encourage visitors to reflect on them. As the project shows the unfinished in form of a finished object it was important to choose an established process that has a clearly defined point of finalisation. The material's light natural colour evokes an expectation of continuation.